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Getting into a top quality private school is getting increasingly difficult. While having strong academics is requisite it’s never been more important to not only understand how you can differentiate yourself, but also create a list of schools that makes sense for your child’s goals. 

Our Services


Elite Application Service

39 Hours of Counseling, Support, & Test Preparation


Comprehensive Program

22 Hours of Counseling & Test Preparation


Basic Counseling

10 Hours of Application Counseling & Review

What To Consider

Why Apply to an Independent School?

How to Choose a School?

Private School Application Basics

Application Packages

Basic Application Review

10 Hour program

  • 30 Minute initial consultation
  • Creation of independent schools profile
  • Comprehensive application strategy
  • Regularly scheduled touch points

Advanced Program

22 Hour Program

  • 10 Hours of counseling

  • 12 Hours of ISEE/SSAT Prep
  • Creation of independent schools profile
  • “Best Fit” assessment
  • Weekly student assignments 
  • Planning calls prior to school visits

Elite Program

39 Hour Program

  • 15 Hours of counseling

  • 24 Hours of ISEE/SSAT Prep
  • Creation of independent schools profile
  • “Best Fit” & Learning Style assessments
  • 8 Hours academic & extracurricular advising
  • Weekly student assignments
  • Planning calls prior to school visits

35+ Years 

of Experience


Tutoring Sessions Completed


Ivy League Acceptances

What Our Clients Say

Livius taught them how to prepare for test and a lot of helpful tips. My oldest got into Harvard my middle child got into Boston college, and now my youngest is taking course at Livius


Boston, MA

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