The Livius Difference 

The big secret of tutoring that is seldom talked about is the impact it can make past the exam you actually hired a tutor for. When you are working with a tutor for an exam like the SAT you have to put yourself in a process that requires extraordinary amounts of discipline, patience, and effort.

This type of endeavor actually builds muscle memory that can have a dramatically positive impact on future academic hurdles.

We take this understanding and apply it to every student we work with knowing that each completed session is another building block towards long term academic success.

Our Approach


Short Term Results, Long Term Focus

Sure we will get those scores up but let’s also build some muscle memory

Relationships Matter

To motivate we must be able to build authentic relationships with each student


Industry Leading Curriculum

30 years of brilliant faculty building strategies and programs that drive results

A Common Denominator to Success

Completing over 1 million tutoring sessions across 3 decades has taught us many things. The common denominator always being you get out what you put into this process. College prep is not easy so don’t buy into any hype or any “guarantees” of success. The only guarantee is that if you want it bad enough you have to work for it.

That being said, some effective guidance can make a big difference. This is why we place building an authentic relationship with our students above all. If we are able to understand how to motivate the student to get the mentality needed to tackle these difficult academic hurdles, we can then leverage our instructional tools to drive long term results

Due to our proximity to some of the best University’s in the world we have been fortunate enough to access brilliant faculty that have developed, tested, and implemented strategies that even made some of the test makers nervous.

From our Adjustable Essay Strategy to the Zig-Zag Method our work gives each student that edge to dominate their exams on test day. This combined with a systematic focus on data to pinpoint areas of remediation allowing our faculty to quickly and effectively drive results.


Livius Timeline

35+ Years of Experience, Expansion, & Innovation within the Tutoring Industry

Years of College Preparation Excellence

Perfect SAT & ACT Scores

Ivy league acceptances

Over 1 Million Sessions COmpleted

“I love this place, people are really nice there! They are very kind and professional, and I absolutely trust their advice and the way to help my daughter”

Jennifer zhao Newton, MA

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