Should I take the SAT or ACT?

Our FREE SAT/ACT Comparison Test will help you answer this question and pinpoint areas of remediation to drive immediate score improvement.


Save Time

Don’t take both exams. Focus on one and maximize your score

Save Money

Prep for one exam and maximize scores to earn scholarships


Maximize Scores

Understand your test-taking skillset to drive score improvement

Have You Heard This Before?

“You’re from the east coast, take the SAT.”

“You like science, take the ACT.”

“You should take both exams and hope for the best.”

Determining which test you’re better suited for is one of the most underrated yet important decisions you’ll make when it comes to the college preparation process. Unfortunately, many students are led astray with bad information. This bad information can have serious consequences in the form of lost time, lost money, poorer scores, and ultimately a negative impact on college acceptance and scholarships

The good news is we can let data make that decision for you with our SAT/ACT Comparison Test.

About the test

Our proprietary SAT/ACT comparison test will help identify which test is best, along with over 20 critical data points to help drive score improvement. 

  • The test can be taken online or in a Livius center
  • It takes 3.5 hours to complete
  • You need to have at least completed high-school level geometry 
  • Scores are returned within 48 hours 
  • Score reports are 8 pages in length
  • Each score report is accompanied by a counseling session by a Livius Academic Advisor to review the data and answer any questions you may have about your exam results and report.


If you’re interested in speaking with a Livius Academic Advisor regarding the Comparison Test or other practice exams, please call or visit one of our locations.

Who should take this exam?

Any students who have at least taken high-school level geometry. Typically, the Comparison Exam is taken by the end of sophomore year after state tests have been completed.

Will this exam predict my future score?

This comparison test is a difficult exam and is purely meant for understanding which test is best AND where your areas for improvement lie. We do not recommend using the exam as a predictor for what your scores on the actual test will be.

Am I obligated to buy any tutoring service with Livius?

Absolutely not! While we’d love to work with everyone, you aren’t required to buy anything from Livius after taking the test. 

Should I still take the PSAT if I take the Comparison Test?

Yes, we recommend that you still take the PSAT, as there are potential scholarships you could qualify for depending on your score. In fact, many schools require that you take this exam.

Is the Comparison Test proctored?

All Comparison Test offerings that occur in Livius centers are proctored by Livius staff. The online version has proctoring tools students can utilize to take the exam conveniently from home. 

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