Test prep done differently

Livius Tutoring (formerly Achieve Academics) provides premier ACT prep classes and one-on-one private tutoring to HFCHS students.

Expert instruction and support at every step of your college admission journey. As you prepare for the ACT, a prep class or private tutoring helps familiarize you with the testing process, teaches critical skills and strategies for mastering the exam, and keeps you on track as you plan for college.

Our test prep program is 24 hours of classroom instruction, either on-site at Holy Family Catholic High School or at our Plymouth center. One-on-one private tutoring can take place at your local library, at our center, or online. When you work with Livius, you get the benefit of a comprehensive, industry-backed process that’s designed to maximize success.

We begin with an ACT practice test to determine each student’s individual strengths and areas of opportunity, followed by additional tests administered at various checkpoints throughout our program to determine individual progress and needs. A new-student consultation will follow the initial practice test to review results and discuss the program expectations, including a homework plan, with students and families.

One of the most critical components of a successful test-prep program is consistent communication. Students will receive text reminders about their sessions, and families will receive detailed notes after each session covering session content and
homework. After subsequent ACT practice tests, we’ll provide a score report email outlining your student’s progress with
recommendations for continued improvement.

Choose your class section below or call us to schedule one-on-one private sessions as you get ready for upcoming spring and summer ACT dates!

Looking for additional classes at our Plymouth center? You can find them here. Call for special HFCHS student pricing for any of our center-based classes or private tutoring packages.

Expert Test Prep with the Livius 8+ Methodology
for Score Improvement

Whether you’re new to test prep or already familiar with the ACT, this comprehensive prep class is your stepping stone to applying to college. You’ll work with our expert instructors using industry-proven methods that we’ve honed and adapted over the last 35 years. No matter what point you’re starting from, our class is designed to demystify the testing process, answer important questions, teach valuable test-taking skills, and build confidence for every student.


24 hours of in-person classroom instruction offered on-site at HFCHS by expert tutors

An exclusive HFCHS program utilizing the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement

Includes all practice tests, online assessments, books, and materials


Livius students see an average 6 point increase on the ACT with our prep classes + private tutoring

Choose Your HFCHS Class

Don’t wait! Space is limited to ensure student ratios that maximize learning and performance.
money-icon As your partner in test prep, we’re offering HFCHS students an exclusive $600 scholarship toward our Mastering the ACT classes.
location-icon Practice tests will take place in the community room at Victoria Fire Department. Private tutoring sessions can be conducted at your local library, at our center, or online.

Need a payment plan?

Call to book your class and set-up a payment plan in two installments: (763) 559-8378.

Complimentary Practice Exam

Book a full, real-conditions ACT or SAT practice exam or an  SAT/ACT Comparison Test at no cost


Mastering the ACT:

Starts 4/14

Meet 2x/wk on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:15-4:45 PM to prep for the ACT on June 13, 2020.
Class runs 4/14 – 6/9.

Private tutoring add-on available.


Mastering the ACT:

Starts 6/8

Weeklong bootcamp meeting 9-3 PM to prep for the ACT on June 13, 2020.
Class runs 6/8 – 6/11.

Private tutoring add-on available.


Mastering the ACT:

Starts 6/15

Meet 2x/wk on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-11:30 AM to prep for the ACT on July 18, 2020.
Class runs 6/15 – 7/15.

Private tutoring add-on available.

What high school students have to say about working with Livius

"With an ACT superscore of 29, Amy was accepted to all of the schools to which she applied. There is no doubt in my mind the assistance from you and your team enabled her to be accepted at Wheaton (her "stretch" school).  We've also seen the financial aid benefits from the assistance you provided."    

Gregg, Livius ACT Parent

"I'm being tutored for my ACT. When I first took it I didn't get the score that I wanted, so they helped me raise my score. The best part of being tutored here was my tutor. He really got to know me and my learning style so my tutoring was very personalized."

Margo, Livius ACT Student

"This team was just amazing with my son. He's the type of kid who needs assistance through the whole ACT process, and he isn't the greatest test taker. He was given numerous test-taking strategies and he loved the teachers. They motivated my son to handle almost everything himself, and we were amazed with the results. He performed very well on the ACT. Money and time well spent!"

Helen, Livius ACT Parent

*Livius student-score guarantee for test prep classes + private tutoring add-on: If students attend every class and complete all homework, practice tests, and private tutoring hours, they should see a score improvement. If they don’t, they’re invited to retake another section of the class at no charge. Some restrictions apply.